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Who we are



Working as freelance personal trainers in a mainstream fitness center, we decided in 2010 to team up and design our own personal training studio to provide our clients the perfect environment for needs-based workouts.


In January 2011, this plan was finally put into action and Kraftmühle was born.


Since then, we offer individual training sessions and privacy, working with the best equipment in the market.


Embedded in the urban island of Mühle Tiefenbrunnen.

The Lake of Zurich is just a stone's throw away, inviting for an after-workout swim.


Easily reachable by public transport:

-Tram 2 and 4 or bus 33 to Wildbachstrasse or Tiefenbrunnen train station

-Train S6 or S16 to Tiefenbrunnen train station.


Also plenty of parking spaces available.


Our Purpose

Training, nutrition, smart recovery - the pillars of wellbeing and longevity.


We at Kraftmühle are constantly seeking new methods to push you further to a stronger and healthier you.


Leaving the comfort zone during our workout will raise your energy level and can lead to stress relief.


Wether you want to achieve new goals in athletic performance, improve your mobility or focus on  supportive training after an injury: Our knowledge and year-long experience is at your disposal.


Combined with a balanced nutrition you will experience a new self.

Inside and out.


For pricing please contact us.

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